The Sisterhood is a place to bring your cup of coffee to. Heck, bring the whole pot :). Sit down, relax, and fall in for a while. No divas or meanies allowed. It's about boy brain, kiddos, food, one crazy labrador, autism and a cat in recovery from a back tire incident. Oh the places you'll go :)

The Divas Who Don’t Share Recipes

on September 24, 2012


I just want to get this out in the open.

Friends share.  Period.  I am not one to hoard recipes or keep them secret.  What’s mine is yours.  I believe in sharing.  I believe in sharing recipes so much so that the divas who don’t share them seem pretty crazy to me.  I think there are whole lot of underlying issues for those who choose to keep their recipes secret. There was even a time once when I asked for a recipe (something I don’t do often because my books are FULL) and the girl said, she would make it for me if I brought her all the ingredients…but wouldn’t give me the recipe.  Seriously?  I don’t get it at all.

That said, I will be posting recipes and I will assure you, these are some good recipes.  These are my best.  These are not just pretty pics…they are some tried and true, family recipes, handed down for generations.  I believe sharing recipes makes us all better people, better cooks and it makes us happier  because we are all sharing the good stuff AND eating the good stuff.  It’s good to be nice because kindness matters and not sharing recipes is just mean.

I am an old fashioned cook.  I like the simple stuff…pound cake, all things cookies, pumpkin bread, apple pie with crumb topping, zuk bread and the like.  Most of it is Southern, tried and true…and probably full of calories.  It tastes too good not to be.  So, I will be sharing and, honestly, if I haven’t posted it and you’re looking for it, just ask.  If I have it, I’ll search through my recipes (still on hand written pieces of paper of course because I am not that organized) and I’ll post.

If you’re not a recipe sharer…walk on.


5 responses to “The Divas Who Don’t Share Recipes

  1. I think it’s funny when people act like they have a corner on the market with recipes. Unless they’ve invented an ingredient, whatever they’ve made is on the internet. Our house is now enveloped in the smell of pumpkin bread, which makes me want to eat the entire loaf myself. Simple, wonderful comfort food. Nice post!

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