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Remembering The Boy In The Trees

on October 22, 2012

The little boy he used to be!

I don’t normally add pics of my kids.  It’s one of those protective momma things and I tend to land on the “better safe than sorry” side of things.  This morning though, as I traveled back though these old pictures, I am just so struck by the little boy he was and the sweetness that filled him.  His rounded face, his sweet smile, his kind heart.  I see him now and he is so tough.  Yesterday he tried a jump, a trick is what he calls it, but it involved a scooter and a curb and it landed him on his head in the street in front of our house.  Of course, being him, he didn’t cry.  He has a shirt from a baseball camp that reads, “just rub dirt on it”, and he lives that philosophy.  He didn’t even come in to tell me about it.  He fessed up and explained it later but only after I noticed the abrasion on the side of his head and asked.

Lately he has taken up soccer.  Being the boy he is and after starting soccer this season, my boy decided he would be the goalie when our regular goalie dislocated his elbow.  I will say he didn’t go in half way.  True to the boy he is growing into, he shows no fear of the ball or the boy coming at him full speed.  He comes home covered in mud, dirt and whatever else might get smashed into his cleats or his socks.  He is a goalie down to his soul.  After just two months into the season, he is now being scouted by other coaches because, according to them, he is the best goalie in their division.  This last week a coached approached our coach to see if my son had any previous commitments to other club teams.

But the thing is, this goalie is my little guy, my boy, my baby.  He would cringe if he saw this in writing or knew I mentioned the word baby in reference with him because he is almost eleven now but, as a mom, I miss the little boy I used to know.  I feel like I looked away for a few seconds to deal with the chaos of our life and, in a flash, that sweet little guy disappeared.  There used to be such sweetness and light in him but the sweet has been replaced by bravado and the light by testosterone and I look at him growing and I don’t know where my boy went.  I do want him to grow up, I do.  I look forward to seeing the man he becomes but I still miss that little munchkin who used to be my sidekick before he started school and entered the world of growing up.

If you have little ones…drink it in.  It passes so quickly.  You won’t believe that because you are in the middle of the chaos and the mess and the noise…but it does.  It’s gone before you even realize it!

The boy/ goalie he grew into :


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