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Autism Sparkles

autism sparkles-184I’ll tell you right now, this one has not been easy to write.  Hemingway, with whom I have a love/hate relationship, suggests writing drunk and editing sober and it’s gotten  bad enough that I’ve considered his thought but I don’t drink so even Hem didn’t help this time.  It’s such a crazy struggle when you know what you feel and what the story sounds like in your heart yet you can’t place the words into a readable order that makes the kind of sense you’re shooting for.

It’s hard when you’re writing about childhood friends.  I come from this quiet little beach town, south of Santa Barbara, and it’s not at all a fancy town like S.B. but more of a sleepy beach town.  Plain town.  Small town.  Growing up, there were only 8,000 people in our town with little stores called The Sunshine Shop and Ralph’s Grocery as well…

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Settling In To The Land of What If….?

Autism Sparkles

autism sparkles-147

IEP meetings are not my happy place so it almost goes without saying that transition IEP meetings are that same kind of not-happy-place for me but to the exponential power of something like at least 68,000 (if you want to know the truth).

Transition meetings mostly make me crazy because you are trying to extract the hard earned knowledge out of the brains of Team A and somehow magically transfer it to the brains of the new Team B in a manner that leaves the child supported so that, hopefully, the transfer is seamless…which almost never happens because that transition process is fraught with loop holes because magic is kind of lacey like that.  Transition meetings also tend to not be a happy place for me because the last time we had a transition meeting, elementary to middle school, the IEP meeting turned all kinds of  upside down and sideways…

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How Adam Sandler Saved Ronald Reagan

Thank you, Adam Sandler, for showing such grace to my boy.

Autism Sparkles

Section of the Berlin Wall on display at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Section of the Berlin Wall on display at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The truth of the matter is that autism is a lot of things.

Autism is brilliant.

Autism is sparkly.

Autism is amazing.

Autism is a balancing act.

Autism is compromise.

And, some days, autism can be hard.

Communication, on this spectrum, doesn’t always come easy.  I have three children and my spectrum kiddo’s brother and sister connect as though communicating were as natural as breathing.  Autism is not like that. Connecting is anything but easy.  For my spectrum kiddo, communicating can be more like choking. Unnatural, garbled and labored, and not at all as easy as breathing.

At eighteen months, with my spectrum kiddo, there was no turn taking or ball rolling back and forth because he could not fathom why he needed to be bothered when he’d rather play alone.  At two, while other kiddos were…

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Run, Josh….RUN!

Pretty. Darn. Miraculous.

Autism Sparkles


Today, Wonder Souls, is  a special day.

Truly, a spectacular day by anyone’s measure and let me say, first off, this is not an autism related post.

Once upon a time, back in 2009, a young man was in an accident.  A bad accident.  So bad was his traumatic brain injury that he had to be put in an induced coma for quite a while.  When they took him out of the coma, the damage was significant.  The boy had to relearn a LOT of things.  Actually he had to learn everything all over again.  Walking, talking, feeding himself.  Nothing was easy.  Even after six months in a rehab facility, it was still hard and he had much to learn and much work to do.

Here’s the video of Josh.  It’s nine minutes and worth every single minute.  Especially today!

Lucky for Josh, he comes from this amazing family.  Back…

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Autism: The Truth Rarely Mentioned

Autism Sparkles

Blog 52

Road weary from the ride to Disney and hungrier than I can ever remember being as an adult, our party of six quickly descended upon the closest restaurant we could find near our hotel.  We were fresh off the road, a nearly three hour drive mixed in with the joy of Los Angeles traffic, when we finally sat down at the corner table. I had not been sitting for long when I noticed all twelve of them sitting at the table beside us.  They were noisy, as any large group would be, but it was more than their noise that caught my attention.

The Table of Twelve was familiar to me and, at one time in my life, they had been my people.

I will freely admit I am not quite old but I am not excessively young either.  I am thankfully old enough to be well seasoned and wisened…

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Slaying The Monster In The Classroom: Cameras in classrooms? YES. PLEASE.

As hard to write as it will be to read. The truth often is.

Autism Sparkles

autism sparkles-21This is something I need to write.  I don’t want to write it.  In fact, I don’t even want to know it.  It’s one of those hard to write kind of things because no one wants to believe it goes on and I hate to be the one to tell you but, truth be told, this is the kind of thing all parents NEED to know…especially parents of special needs kiddos who are speech impaired.  This one is going to hurt your heart a bit but keep reading anyway.  I will be bold enough to tell you it is as hard to write as it is to read.  It’s the very rawest truth.  It is the truth we don’t want to hear.  It is the truth none of us want to believe and yet, as black and bruising as it is to our hearts, it is still very much the…

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Why I love autism ❤

Autism Sparkles


The truth is I really do love autism.  I do.  I love autism because it has changed me and made me one hundred times the person I was before my boy was gifted to my life. I accept and love autism because I accept that my boy is who he is meant to be, he is made exactly as he was meant to be made and the journey we are both on is about helping to strengthen his weaknesses and sharing his radiance.  I don’t believe he is a mistake or that he needs to be cured. I don’t believe in lost puzzle pieces. I don’t believe there is any part of my boy that needs fixing.

You may not agree with me and that’s okay because, honestly, this is not the first time I have cut against the collective autism grain.  Not the first time he and I have…

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My boy this last week in his P.E. class. It wowed me !

Autism Sparkles

Blog 132

It started a few weeks ago. It was simple and yet as soon as I heard it for myself, I will tell you, it felt every bit of impossible.  That was when my spectrum kiddo’s P.E. teacher informed me that the mile test was coming up.  He asked if my boy normally participated in that kind of state testing.   I will admit his question was not a surprise.  It was a surprise to no one that my boy and physical activity try never to stand too close together for long.  My boy, with autism in his genes, avoids sweating at ALL cost and, in his defense, I will admit coordination has not always come easy to us.  In his ultra-honest-spectrum-view of life he sees no good reason for running.  It’s okay for other people but, for him, there’s just no reason to go there.  In his words, “Mom, running hurts.” …

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Today’s post from Autism Sparkles :).

Autism Sparkles

Halloween is a funny little day.

The pumpkins, the kids playing dress up, the parents decorating and the country buying gobs of candy for kids they don’t even know.  I like it.  It’s actually one of my favorite days of the year.  For me, it heralds in the holiday season, a small glimpse into the wonder that is in store before the year comes to an end.  I actually like it a lot.  I have secretly wondered if I like it more than the kids but the jury is still out on that one.  We are neck in neck in our enthusiasm.

So I was a bit surprised as I showed up to church on Sunday two weeks ago to hear the preacher talk about my favorite holiday as he did.  I like our preacher.  A very down to earth practical man whose words are often nail-on-the-headish and more than…

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Here is just a sample of the new blog, Autism Sparkles, just so you can get a peek ;).

Autism Sparkles

For my family and for my son who is on the spectrum, some of the best lessons we learn are when we are outside and exploring.  This picture is from the beach we like to go to that has MANY tide pools to explore but, really, exploring can take place anywhere…the mountains, the desert or just in the backyard as you dig up worms and get your hands in the dirt.  What we find is less important than the fact that we are exploring.  What’s most important is that we open our mind to the adventure around us.

I do believe classroom learning is important because, for my son especially, rules need to be learned and turn taking needs to be focused on because those lessons often don’t come easily at all.  Truly, everything in moderation.  You can’t spend all day outside but you can’t spend all day inside either. …

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